July 2019

I love the red, white and blue kitchen, especially with Independence day



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May 2019


Seattle Times May 15, 2019 ❤

Washington named best state to live in . . . . .

Washington is the best place to live in within the U. S. and that’s not just my opinion, says FYI guy. The Evergreen State just claimed the top spot in the 2019 “Best States” ranking from U.S. News and World Report.

April /May 2019

When it comes to properly preparing a property to sell, many experts say that successful home staging is the key to securing the most lucrative sale in the shortest amount of time.

Stumped as to where to begin to get your home sale-ready? Here are seven home-staging tips to get you started.

PURGE ! Remove all excess, from extra furniture to clothing. Now is the time to make your home feel as spacious as possible.

CREATE A BASIC MARKETING PLAN. You may need a real estate agent’s help with this one. The goal of this step is to decide who the target buyer is; in some cases, this may influence the staging process.

DEPERSONALIZE. When a potential buyer walks in, it is important for them to feel that it could be their home. Everything from personal photos to religious references should be removed.

NEUTRALIZE. Something as simple as a paint job or carpeting can be a deterrent for potential buyers. Taupes and Grays are ideal for creating a neutral, soothing color palette.

HIRE A PROFESSIONAL STAGER. You are going to want to trust the staging of your home to a professional. Begin by researching local staging companies. Some may specialize in a specific style or geographic area. The Real Estate Stagers Association is a great place to start. Concerned about cost? Most professional stagers are able to work within a budget.

RETURN A ROOM TO ITS INTENDED USE. A bedroom currently used as a home office must be staged and styled as a bedroom.

CREATE A TIMELINE. When you place your property on the market can be critical in capturing the highest number of potential buyers. Earlier in the selling season in best.

March 2019



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CERT had a meeting in March at the Kirkland Fire Dept on 124th talking about this subject.