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December 2018

Black and White Kitchen.JPG


t you think this Black and white Kitchen looks nice?

Have you seem the listing at 631 11th Ave West with a black and white kitchen? Great price reduction !

Deember 2018


Have you noticed the new black frame windows?

Check out my new listing at 631 11th Avenue West in Kirkland with same black frame windows.

December 2018


Inside your home

Hang heavier curtains to keep the cold out.

Reverse the direction of your fans

Replace batteries in your smoke detector and carbon monoxide

Wash windows and blinds

Turn and flip area rugs to assure even wear

Inspect your windows and doors and seal any gaps

Get your HVAC serviced

Exterior Prep

Be sure your chimney is cleaned and inspected

Clean your gutters

Tighten any loose railings

Check your crawl space for moisture issues

Drain and store lawn equipment

Turn off and drain outdoor faucets and sprinklers

Pressure walk your walkways

Yard and Curb appeal

Add plaid pillows and fall color throws to front porch

Build/Buy some window boxes to add another dimension to your exterior

Add a fall wreath and fall plants