My Team



Sonya Ramsey

SONYA has been an Escrow officer for many years.  Now with Davidson, Kilpatrick and Krislock.  Located right here in Kirkland at 500 Kirkland Avenue.  I like to use these attorney's because if there is a problem they are ready and willing to help.  Also I like them because they do not charge sales tax on their escrows.  Saving you a lot of money.

Hi - I’m Rick

Hi - I’m Rick


Rick Smith
Drone Services

Rick Smith is my Drone guy.  He has been at it for quite awhile and loves doing this type of work.



Steven Jenkins

Steven designed and built my web site and I am so proud of the job he has done.

HI - I’m Amanda

HI - I’m Amanda

1st American Title Insurance

Amanda Kiel

Amanda has been a title representative for over 30 years with 1st American Title. And I think she is doing an excellent job.